Extraction Equipment


SHO Products is the world’s leading provider of solventless extraction equipment and technology. Solventless is the cleanest and safest method of extraction and is quickly becoming the most popular among consumers. We manufacture Rosin Presses and Dry Sift tumblers through our world famous brand Rosin Tech Products. In conjunction with in-house production and manufacturing we distribute complementary products and accessories from some of the industry’s leading brands.

As industry leaders we continue to develop new and improved methods of solventless extraction. We brought to market the first ever Rosin Roller and are currently developing Version 2. Our latest innovation is an industrial ice water hash machine called Rosin Tech Hash Washer Pro which will drastically improve the efficiency with which you can make ice water hash.

We are a one stop shop for everything solventless. We can fully equip your facility with everything you need from start to finish. From Rosin Presses, Dry Sift Tumblers, Freeze Dryer, RO Systems to Pre Presses, Filter Bags, Paper, Silicon Mats and Collection tools…we have it all.

Solvent Based

Through our large network of industry professionals we are able to source whatever extraction equipment you need for your operation. Whether it be Closed Loop CO2 systems, Butane, Alcohol or Ethanol extraction, we can equip your facility with best in class products. 
Solvent-based extraction can be defined as any method that uses a volatile chemical to dissolve the trichomes away from the plant material. Once collected, the solvent is then removed, typically by means of evaporation, leaving behind a trichome-rich concentrate.

The most popular solvent-based concentrates are almost certainly butane hash oil (BHO) and propane hash oil (PHO). These use liquified hydrocarbons to strip the plant of its resins. It’s a heavy industrial process requiring closed-loop extraction machinery to produce safely, but the common availability of butane and propane make it an accessible extraction method for small to large scale producers.