About SHO Products

SHO Products is a leading technology company in the industry.

SHO both manufactures its own products and operates as a distributor of complementary product lines. Our product offering covers every component of the solventless extraction process, including rosin presses, filter bags, parchment paper, dry-sift tumblers, and other tools/accessories. SHO distributes the leading brands for Tools, Rigs, Bangers, Nails, Carb Caps, Torches, Containers, Cleaning Supplies, and Lifestyle Apparel through our retail partners and online portals.

Our distribution footprint includes the Individual – a recreational or medical user, the Commercial Processor – those making products to sell in our 300+ Wholesale Partners, which sell to each customer segment respectively. SHO is committed to developing and distributing the best products to the industry and we utilize our expertise in technology to bring value to our customers.

To build a worldwide brand, we believe it is necessary to physically interact with our customers. Partnering with a range of event hosts including High Times Cup, Chalice, and Life is Beautiful to name a few, we invite customers to the “Solventless Experience”, a live hash making show where fans get to learn and interact with all our products.

As proud members of the community, SHO Products works hard to build a place where people can come to find and discover any products they need to produce and consume.