About SHO Products

SHO Products is a leading technology company in the industry.

It becomes more of a challenge every year to define our rapidly growing, ever-evolving business, but SHO Products is, at its core, a pioneering technology company cutting our own distinct path through the center of the most exciting industry of the modern era. Our passion for state-of-the-art technology and innovation constantly expands the boundaries that define us. Yet, we still find identity in our commitment to bringing a hungry market only the best and most exciting products. This value keeps us on the truest course and is no doubt a major factor in our continued success. Our team values sincerity. We share what genuinely stirs our passion. And we honor a commitment to our vision that boasts the determination of a career path and the loyalty of a lifestyle.

  • SHO Products is an international manufacturing and distribution company that focuses on the development, growth and marketing of premium brands and products.

We operate with fine-tuned efficiency thanks to our strategically selected points of international manufacturing and distribution. With offices spanning three continents in major cities and industry hot spots like Los Angeles, Denver, New York, Laredo, Prague and Guadalajara, SHO remains logistically poised for the future while running with an unmatched reliability in the present that breeds confidence in everyone with whom we work.

  • SHO Operates offices and facilities in Europe, South America and the U.S. (New York, Los Angeles, Prague, Barcelona, Guadalajara, Cali).
    SHO Products’ distribution network consists of 5,000 + Retail Partners and Wholesale Sub-Distros, and reaches the end consumer market through various e-commerce channels.

With retail partners and wholesale sub-distributors breaching the 5,000 mark and growing by the week, it only gets easier for a demanding market to find access to our impressive catalog, boasting well over 8,000 SKUs, each carefully cultivated by our discerning leadership team. A sprawling network of e-commerce channels and brick-and-mortar shops allow us to quickly, efficiently and reliably put our products into the hands of customers in the biggest cities and smallest, most remote towns.

  • In-House Brands include: Masterminded Distribution, Rosin Tech Products, Dab Nation, Focus V Products, Be Lit Brand, T Case, Electric Nail and Renegade Glass.

This comprehensive network has helped elevate SHO’s brands into industry-recognized icons. Whether gained through acquisition or grown from the ground up, our in-house brands receive the full SHO treatment so that they remain synonymous with passion and quality. With new brands added every year, our current roster boasts Focus V, Master-Minded Distribution, Rosin Tech Products, Dab Nation, Be Lit, The T Case, Renegade Glass, Fusion, Wellness For Sale, 420 Market, Electric Nail and Good Vibes Distribution. Everything from retail shopping to B2B distribution is covered and given that unmistakable SHO touch. Whether we’re revolutionizing the way the market views portable vaping with the Focus V CARTA, marrying power to portability with the Daxtractor rosin press, or offering simple security with the innovative Dab Nation Banger Saver, SHO is constantly giving our expanding customer base reasons to be excited. We can say this with confidence because these are the products that excite us too.

It’s not easy to summarize a company who can navigate the most fruitful distribution channels in Mexico, quality check a prototype for a touch screen rosin press, pack and ship pallets loaded with large scale commercial equipment, finalize a deal with a new consumables distributor, and hold a gallery-style art opening for a unique glass artist all in one day. But that one day is everyday in the life of a SHO Products team member. With the ever-shifting landscape of this industry, the company with the greatest returns is the one that can quickly adapt, remain versatile in its vision, and stay as excited about every day as if it were the first. These qualities will no doubt continue to elevate SHO into an electrifying future while we continue to savor every moment of the present. 

    • SHO Products offers over 4,000 skus of complementary products from well known, premium brands. From innovative, ground breaking products like the Focus V CARTA and the Rosin Tech GO, to large scale Commercial equipment, artistic collectable glass, and consumables, SHO Products has established itself as one of the most versatile and all encompassing companies in the industry. At SHO Products we have one simple goal: To offer the best.