LOS ANGELES, CA | SHO Products is proud to announce the signing of a new exclusive distribution deal with Bear Innovations, the parent company of Monster Smash, a rosin press brand emerging on the market earlier this year.

Through this new partnership, SHO is furthering their overall mission statements to design, develop and distribute top-tier quality equipment for the cannabis community, with a dedication and responsibility as an industry leader to help push the emerging market forward and set a high standard across the board.

Bear Innovations, reputed for its strong background in medicinal devices, will continue to develop new products with SHO Products, making for one of the most promising partnerships to date in the cannabis industry.

Roughly eight months ago, Monster Smash had released and sold a rosin press called MS-15, later updating and rebranding the product as the Alpha 5. Through this new venture, Bear Innovations will be shutting down its Monster Smash leg, with the Alpha 5 now to be exclusively distributed worldwide by SHO Products, under the SHO Industries brand, as the Precision Rosin Press™.

The partnership between SHO Products and Bear Innovations brings together knowledgeable and experienced designers and manufacturers, with both bringing their industry-specific expertise to further advance the evolving technology and provide innovative products to consumers worldwide.

About SHO Products
SHO Products is committed to bringing innovation to the industry and providing a reliable source for all Rosin Tech needs, providing consumers with an emphasis on education and top-tier products to ensure a safe, pleasurable extraction experience. For more information, please visit RosinTechProducts.com.

About Bear Innovations
BEAR Innovation is a manufacturer of high quality laboratory and industrial equipment, dedicated to bringing dependable and affordable equipment to its customers worldwide. Through its Monster Smash brand (which is being dissolved through this new partnership with SHO Products), the company expanded to foster its vested focus on designing and manufacturing equipment used for oil extraction, specializing in hydraulic pressure systems. For more information, please visit https://bearinnovation.com/.

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