Los Angeles, California | March 3rd, 2018 | SHO Products is excited to announce the signing of a new exclusive distribution deal with Tom’s Tumble Trimmer, a well-established brand of trimmers in the United States. Through this agreement, SHO Products will be the exclusive distributor for all Tom’s Tumble Trimmer machines throughout Latin America.

“We’re very excited to announce our expansion into trimmer market which is natural evolution as we continue to broaden our equipment offering to our commercial grower and extractor customers,” said Co-Founder of SHO Products, Sam Jurist.

SHO Products is dedicated to bringing innovative products to the emerging Latin American cannabis industry and around the world. With fulfillment centers already in place in Mexico, Colombia, and Uruguay, this agreement will expand our SHO’s equipment offering..

“I am excited to be bringing our affordable tumble trimmers and extractors to Europe and South America through SHO Products” said Tom Bruggemann, CEO of Tom’s Tumble Trimmers. “I want all growers to save time and money with our bladeless alternative to hand trimming.”

With legal and medicinal cannabis industries growing throughout South America, this partnership will provide high quality trimming equipment to the emerging markets. Together with Tom’s Tumble Trimmer, SHO Products will provide Latin America with products created by the industries’ top minds, furthering their goal of advancing the international cannabis industry with top-tier equipment and design.

About SHO Products

SHO Products (SHO meaning Solventless Hash Oil) is the leading equipment and technology provider in the world for solventless extraction equipment and accessories. Our goal is to educate customers while providing world class products for extraction, processing, and consumption. For more information, please visit www.shoproductsteam.com.

About Tom’s Tumble Trimmer

Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is a bladeless dry trimmer. Tom’s offers three functions with one machine. Trim, separate and extract with a gentle and effective method. With five different sizes, trim up to six pounds in under five minutes producing quality comparable to hand trimmed. With minimal maintenance and affordability, Tom’s Tumble Trimmer is rapidly becoming a preferred method for trimming. Available through distribution in the US, Canada, UK and Spain.


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