Rosin Tech Products is one of the world’s leading providers of rosin press technology with international distribution and a diverse product line that runs the spectrum from home use to commercial laboratory equipment and machinery. We currently offer 10 popular rosin presses, though new models are designed and released in sync with an evolving market.

Rosin Tech Products was forged from a passion to spread knowledge of cleaner, healthier lifestyle choices and the technology to make that higher echelon easily attainable. As SHO Products’ earliest in-house brand, Rosin Tech Products rapidly rose from humble beginnings where a bare bones team in a garage in Bethpage, New York assembled esoteric machinery that would transform the landscape of the industry. Today, the rosin press is recognized as an industry staple, appreciated by novices and connoisseurs alike and much of that awareness is a direct result of the hard work and determination that went on nightly in that garage.

The mechanics behind an average rosin press are relatively simple: two heated plates are sandwiched together at a set amount of pressure, resulting in a sticky extraction from plant material that is placed, typically in parchment paper, between the plates. Rosin Tech Products offers you everything from affordable and portable home use rosin presses to larger models designed to handle the demands of commercial enterprises. Many of our rosin presses feature state-of-the-art technology, such as touch screens, to help artists easily hone their personal techniques.

While the rosin presses are the heart of Rosin Tech’s product line, we also offer a wide range of dry sift tumblers, freeze dryers, accessories and more, all with a focus on making the pressing experience as rewarding as possible. And trust us, you’ll agree that it’s deeply rewarding.