Our Team

Meet the team at SHO Products.

Samuel Jurist

Co-Founder & CEO

At SHO, Sam is responsible for investor relations, managing key suppliers, marketing strategy and setting the general processes of the company. Sam helps structure and close acquisitions, and assists during the integration process.

Sam graduated from Carroll School of Management at Boston College, majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. Sam has a natural ability to execute on a vision. After graduation, Sam co – founded a successful real estate brokerage in NYC, and built the first mobile app to license music clips under 30 seconds from the major record labels and publishers.

Vincent D’Accolti

Co-Founder & COO

Vincent is responsible for sales, partnerships, tradeshows, and overall growth at SHO. He is constantly refining our efforts, ensuring the team is being properly managed. With a keen understanding of the plant and the industry, Vincent helps SHO identify new growth areas. To keep up with this fast – moving industry, Vincent makes sure to keeps his pulse on new products, competitors, and strategic partnerships.

Vincent graduated from the University of Maryland, majoring in Plant & Life Sciences. Prior to SHO, Vincent managed his families outdoor construction business with over 50 workers, and bought and flipped real estate on Long Island. Always natural business mind; driven by reason he relies on his logical and rational decision making abilities daily.

David Repola

Director of Opportunities
David Repola is the SHO Products Director of Opportunities.  David was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and is a U.S Army Combat Veteran having deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012-2013. In his spare time, David is an avid photographer with over 20,000 followers on Instagram and is passionate about helping others live their best lives.

Nicole D’Accolti

Director of Corporate Affairs

A proud original member of SHO Products. Nicole joined #teamSHO early on in the company’s history, just shortly after its start in 2015. She has not only witnessed firsthand, but contributed directly to the overwhelming growth experienced by the company. She has been a key player since that imperative first year, and has grown to wear many metaphorical hats. While currently overseeing a variety of sectors within the business, she also serves as our Director of Corporate Affairs.

Charlie Cimitle

VP of Wholesale

When customers are happy, Charlie’s happy. Nobody understands how crucial the customer experience is more than Charlie. With a passion for team building and sales, Charlie made his mark immediately. Having built a powerhouse sales team from scratch, he then set his sites on vendor relations, where he has excelled. Boasting an exceptional track record of success in B2B and medical device sales, Charlie brings a unique perspective to SHO that consistently bolsters sales growth while exceeding customer expectations.

Eric Lancaster

Director of Sales 

Eric joined Master-Minded in April 2019. From starting on a team of three, he grew and assisted the development of over 15 employees internationally. Eric helped to establish the sales process and strategies used to grow the existing customer base and develop new business relationships.  His experience in B2B sales has enabled him to focus on increasing process driven results.  His enthusiasm for the industry allows him to enjoy his work on a daily basis. Eric plays a key role in mentoring sales personnel, assisting in the performance of their duties and constantly ensuring improvement in their professional skills. As the Director of Sales, he constantly strives to solidify Master Minded Distribution and SHO Products as the industry leader. 

Wayne Weisblatt

VP of Retail Sales

No one knows this industry’s products inside and out like Wayne. Overseeing our vast catalog of over 3,000 SKUs (and counting), Wayne curates SHO’s products while also managing all onboarding duties, procurement, vendor relations, price calculation, sales and marketing, branding and product development. As Vice President of Retail, Wayne also dedicates himself to the loyal staff in each of SHO’s retail locations, not only managing, but educating the team on sales techniques, product knowledge and overall customer service. Wayne’s belief is honesty and reputation above all when it comes to serving our unique community with its specific needs. It’s a lot to handle, but for Wayne, products are less of a job and more of a lifestyle.

Avi Ash

Director of Online Marketplaces

As the Director of Retail Marketplaces, Avi spearheads the implementation of all things e-commerce like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more. From ad campaigns,  optimized content, and some of the most unique parings with other well known brands, He is an expert in all types of marketplaces and online commerce and will help ensure your brand succeeds.

Lorena Granillo

Director of In-House Brands
Lorena oversees all of our in-house brands at SHO. Her public relations background, from California State University Fullerton, aid her in separating TeamSHO from the best of the best. As a California Native, she has seen the industry grow and is proud to be part of a team that is changing the way it is perceived.

Anthony DiBartolo

Marketing Manager

Anthony joined #teamSHO in August of 2019 and immediately put his background in film production and steep advertising pedigree to work. An avid supporter of legalization, Anthony enjoys developing innovative strategies to market SHO’s ever-expanding list of SKU’s while being responsible for the company’s overall branding and image. Aside from SHO, the New Jersey native enjoys traveling, landscape photography and educating others on the nuances of this industry.

 Seth Styles

Sr. Copywriter / SEO Speciaist 

Seth is responsible for product onboarding, copywriting and occasional SEO work for a multitude of SHO’s brands. With over a decade of experience in journalism, brand development and SEO, he brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to his versatile position within SHO. Despite having worked for other companies in the industry, Seth felt SHO offered something special: sincerity. The genuine respect and love that every SHO employee emanates, the admiration for diversity, the open mindedness that passes from the leadership down… these are the fundamentals that find Seth happy to count himself as a grateful member of #teamSHO. Of course, the pay and benefits don’t hurt. Originally hailing from Southwest Florida, Seth happily traded in the golf courses and swamps for the glitter and grime of Hollywood life in 2008. When not writing about pipes and rigs, he splits his time working on his illustrated series, writing music for his glam rock band, and watching old horror movies while cuddling with his dog, Romeo.

J.R. Quion 

Director of Product Development

J.R. takes things apart to see how they work. Then he makes them faster, stronger, and more efficient. With a background in design, he has over a decade of experience in graphics, marketing, and development for the industry. His passion for problem solving, comprehension, and the desire to analyze and improve upon a product has lead to a greater understanding of the demands and a constant quest for solutions. His goal is to bring safety, innovation, and efficiency to the products and processes he works with.

Bobby Macente

Director of Operations

Bobby possesses a skill set of computer knowledge, website building, and data management with a background in Criminal Justice to fulfill a unique opportunity at SHO Products. Currently, Bobby manages the websites, E Commerce, SEO and SEM optimization, IT troubleshooting of all systems in the office, and manages data and website analytics. Through work and life experiences, Bobby has found that his greatest passions are for making other people happy, helping to make their lives easier and developing ideas that excite. He hopes to create more memorable experiences in the future with his winning mentality.

Ethen Gonzalez

I.T. Systems Specialist

Ethen is the first line of defense for all of SHO’s I.T. troubleshooting issues, ensuring all systems and hardware are running efficiently and effectively. He brings a wide range of skills to the team, from helping with back-end company operations to front-end website development. He is dedicated to making life at SHO easier for everyone, whether it be through helping with tech problems, implementing new systems and technologies or just improving system workflows. During his free time, Ethen loves to enjoy the outdoors with good company.

Nicole Abruzese

Director of Direct to Consumer Sales 

As the Director of Online Sales and Service, Nicole manages our ever-expanding customer service team. She ensures that each representative has all the knowledge and resources needed to maintain long-lasting relationships with our customers. With the customer service team often being our primary point of contact with the customer, Nicole ensures each team member demonstrates SHO’s high standards of excellence. She works closely with functional teams (e.g. Product Development, Operations, Sales) to ensure customer needs are being prioritized and addressed appropriately. Her degree in Corporate Communications and Marketing helps her effectively strategize to enhance customer service, drive retail sales, and enhance profitability.

Vincent Pence

Service Specialist

Originally from Alabama, WestCoastVinnie has traveled the entire country working in the powerline industry as a journeyman lineman, in both transmission and distribution of power, before the sunshine, palm trees and beaches led him to make California his home. He loves the ever expanding world of this industry, starting off on the development of machinery for solventless oil extraction. After meeting the owners of SHO products, he knew they were onto something big and wanted to be part of the team and it amazes him to see how far the team has come in five short years. He also loves to travel and meet members of our community. In his free time he likes to go camping with his wife and two young sons — exploring California, riding dune buggies and panning for gold. Otherwise he enjoys spending time with his co-workers which he considers family and he looks forward to seeing where the next five years will take them all.

Jim Haskins


As Controller, Jim currently helps manage the Finance team and guides financial decisions by creating and implementing effective accounting procedures. Jim is a strategic thinking professional with Law and Accounting degrees from University of Florida and over fifteen years of experience in the Banking and Public Accounting Industries.