Our Team

Meet the team at SHO Products.

Samuel Jurist

Co-Founder & CEO

At SHO, Sam is responsible for investor relations, managing key suppliers, marketing strategy and setting the general processes of the company. Sam helps structure and close acquisitions, and assists during the integration process.

Sam graduated from Carroll School of Management at Boston College, majoring in Finance and minoring in Marketing. Sam has a natural ability to execute on a vision. After graduation, Sam co – founded a successful real estate brokerage in NYC, and built the first mobile app to license music clips under 30 seconds from the major record labels and publishers.

Vincent D’Accolti

Co-Founder & COO

Vincent is responsible for sales, partnerships, tradeshows, and overall growth at SHO. He is constantly refining our efforts, ensuring the team is being properly managed. With a keen understanding of the plant and the industry, Vincent helps SHO identify new growth areas. To keep up with this fast – moving industry, Vincent makes sure to keeps his pulse on new products, competitors, and strategic partnerships.

Vincent graduated from the University of Maryland, majoring in Plant & Life Sciences. Prior to SHO, Vincent managed his families outdoor construction business with over 50 workers, and bought and flipped real estate on Long Island. Always natural business mind; driven by reason he relies on his logical and rational decision making abilities daily.

Nicole D’Accolti

President of Office Affairs

Vincent and his college roommate Sam started SHO Products in 2015, first offering one product line (Rosin Tech Products – Rosin Presses) and operating out of Vincent’s garage. With a strong niche and a growing industry they quickly decided it was time to go all in with cannabis. Over the last two years SHO Products has become the world leader in solventless extraction equipment and concentrate smoking accessories, owns 5 brands of its own in the space (Rosin Tech Products, Pollen Masters, Dab Nation, The Electric Nail, SHO Industries) and holds worldwide exclusive distribution agreements for a variety of related products. The biggest key to SHO Products success is their brand building abilities. In an industry where marketing is difficult, they continue to surprise while showing their skills in successfully marketing and branding ancillary products. This is shown through multiple awards SHO Products has collected around the world at all the major cannabis events (Hightimes, Emerald Cup, Expo Weed) in categories Best Booth, Best Glass, Best Product, and Best Vape.

Bobby Macente

Director of Operations

Bobby possesses a skill set of computer knowledge, website building, and data management with a background in Criminal Justice to fulfill a unique opportunity at SHO Products. Currently, Bobby manages the websites, E Commerce, SEO and SEM optimization, IT troubleshooting of all systems in the office, and manages data and website analytics. Through work and life experiences, Bobby has found that his greatest passions are for making other people happy, helping to make their lives easier and developing ideas that excite. He hopes to create more memorable experiences in the future with his winning mentality.

David Repola

Director of Opportunities
David Repola is the SHO Products Director of Opportunities.  David was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA and is a U.S Army Combat Veteran having deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2012-2013. In his spare time, David is an avid photographer with over 20,000 followers on Instagram and is passionate about helping others live their best lives.

J.R. Quion 

Director of SHO Product Development

J.R. takes things apart to see how they work. Then he makes them faster, stronger, and more efficient. With a background in design, he has over a decade of experience in graphics, marketing, and development for the industry. His passion for problem solving, comprehension, and the desire to analyze and improve upon a product has lead to a greater understanding of the demands and a constant quest for solutions. His goal is to bring safety, innovation, and efficiency to the products and processes he works with.

Brayvon Barnwell aka Breeze

Social Media Manager

Breeze is always on the camera! Usually baring a big smile and positive attitude. He puts all his energy into advocating and promoting all SHO products brands.While traveling across the world with the company, Breeze is able to document the experience. With contagious energy that motivates everyones around him, Breeze is able to push people toward their goals and capture it all on camera!

Lorena Granillo

Customer Relations Manager and Operations

Lorena heads our Customer Relations Department, making sure questions get answers and customers leave satisfied. When she’s not helping customers you can find her assisting the Operations Department, making sure problems find solutions and daily work functions continue without a halt. Her years of retail customer service and public relations background, from California State University Fullerton, aid her in separating TeamSHO from the best of the best. As a California Native, Lorena has seen the industry grow exponentially and is proud to be part of a team that promotes a clean, healthy, and happy way to the culture.

Elizabeth Carrillo

Customer Service

Elizabeth is one of our Customer service representatives. She is here to assist all of our customers in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Elizabeth is a Los Angeles native and started working for SHO in 2018 where she has helped revolutionize day to day operations of customer service at the company.

Seth Styles

SEO/Product Onboarder

Seth joined the SHO Products Team in March 2019 after working nearly 4 years previously in the industry in roles that included digital marketing, content creation, SEO and social media. He is a strong believer in legalization and loves working in the industry for both its novelty, its immense promise and its positive social impact. When not in the SHO offices, Seth divides his time between fronting a glam rock band, writing/illustrating an ongoing graphic series and hanging out with his Japanese Chin, Romeo.

Candice Pence

Retail Stores Manager

Whether you’re visiting our Dab Nation Los Angeles shop or meeting us on location at one of our many tradeshow appearances, there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted by Candice. One of the original members of the SHO Team, Candice is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our Dab Nation retail store. She quickly worked her way up to the general manager of Dab Nation retail with her detailed product knowledge spanning everything from glass and smoking accessories to PollenMaster dry sift tumblers and rosin presses. When not asking customers about their favorite way to smoke or learning her way around the latest rosin press model, Candice enjoys traveling with her husband and two sons… especially when a beach is the destination.

Alex Silverman

Dab Nation Retail

Alex is from New York and has lived on the west coast since 2012. Alex Is a sales team member for Dab Nation. He enjoys attending events, nice glass and educating people on solventless concentrates.