Master-Minded Distribution combines tailored customer service from a team of knowledgeable and attentive sales representatives with a robust and diverse product line including many of the biggest brands in the business. It’s no wonder we so quickly became one of the most recognized names in wholesale and distribution for this industry. SHO Products acquired Master-Minded at the end of 2018, refreshing our catalog with even more SKUs and combining our strengths to finetune an already well-oiled distribution and logistics strategy.

At Master-Minded, large businesses and small shops alike can count on getting the attention they deserve from a dedicated account manager who will be happy to walk them through the simple steps to keep them stocked with in-demand products and supplies. Each of our representatives is fully versed on the specific laws and regulations of the states they service as well as optimal demographics in those states so they can find the most effective products to boost your strategies.

Variety isn’t just the spice of life; it’s key to customer satisfaction. That’s why at Master-Minded, we’re constantly adding to our inventory of over 2,000 SKUs. We also have a live inventory available on our website so there’s no more mystery behind whether an item is truly in stock. If our site shows it’s in stock, it’s as if you were staring at it on the shelf.

Headed by SHO Products’ Vice President of Wholesale Charlie Cimitile, Master-Minded strives to bring the reliability of the biggest distribution channels in the world to an oft-neglected industry frequently dismissed as invalid despite proving its legitimacy over and over again. Seeing these injustices firsthand and how it affects businesses in our community, we’ve made it our mission to bring this industry the trusted supply and distribution services it rightfully deserves.