The Electric Nail uses state-of-the-art e-nail technology to allow connoisseurs and rookies alike to reduce their risk while savoring their reward. No dangerous torches, no cumbersome timers, no mess… just a flavorful experience that brings out the best in your product.

The e-nail revolutionized our industry with its safety and precision, but SHO Products wanted their venture into the e-nail niche of the market to blend that cutting-edge functionality with the impeccable style that had elevated so many of our brands into industry icons. We found this beautiful balance with Electric Nail.

Electric Nail’s latest offering, the “Bolt” e-nail, elevates induction heat coils to their logical conclusion. Augmented with a state-of-the-art OLED screen, BLE connectivity, an Android/iOS mobile app, and password-protected lockout, discovering your perfect temperature has never been more convenient.