One part retail shop, one part art gallery, one part chill spot, Dab Nation offers a come-as-you-are experience that provides education, relaxation and alleviation. A laid-back oasis where customers can peruse the best smoke shop products, all curated and cultivated from around the world by a team that lives the lifestyle, Dab Nation’s retail shops have become a cornerstone of our unique but relatable community.

Dab Nation isn’t the dream of a single person, the scope of a single business enterprise, the aesthetic of a single artist. Rather, it’s the nexus point of several different philosophies, perspectives and visions. From these concepts, only the purest survive, setting the standard for the community experience we vowed to foster.

The dream became solid in 2018 with a location near downtown Los Angeles and its arts district, immersing Dab Nation in one of the industry’s hottest spots in the country. In 2020, with the world reeling from a global pandemic, Dab Nation never slowed our hustle, opening up a thriving second storefront in the arts district of Denver, Colorado.

While Dab Nation’s storefronts are brick and mortar, our spirit elevates them to an experience that transcends what you’ll find in any smoke shop. It’s an honoring of tradition as much as it is a toasting to innovation; a communal feeling of acceptance that respects the individual. It’s a spot where lines between business relationships and friendships blur, a nation with borders as open as the minds it inspires, a comfortable place where anyone can be a citizen… and it all starts with one question:

“What’s your favorite way to smoke?”