Dab Nation Pop-Ups

Organizing a music festival, house party, or any type of event and want to add Dab Nation to the presence? We will tailor our pop up to your needs, whether its a rolling/dab bar for the Game’s 4th of Juliett party or a retail area at a High Times Cannabis Cup, we provide the following and more:

  • Dab Bar
    • Select your Smoking Devices: Pick out your favorite rigs, vapes and other smoking devices from the Dab Nation selection
    • Select your Concentrates: Pick what concentrates you want from our preferred partners, and we will keep dabs flowing all day and into the night.
  • Rolling Bar
    • Select your Papers: Pick the papers, blunts, hemp wraps – whatever you like we know how to roll it and roll well.
    • Select your Flower: Pick your favorite strains from our large selection of preferred partners and we’ll provide a steady stream of freshly rolled fire for your event goers.
  • Rosin Bar
    • Prefer fresh pressed rosin? Choose from the latest Rosin Tech presses, and we’ll bring our #solventless experts to press fresh rosin for your event or party.

Want all three at your party? That is how we like to do it!

Tell us how much space we have to work with and we will come up with a custom set up just for your event. To check our availability or if you need a quote for your next event, fill out the form below.

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