Be Lit presents SHO Products’ first lifestyle brand; a full-sensory boutique experience that challenges you to celebrate your highest self. We can’t always control life, but we can control the way we react to it. In that spirit, we choose to face each day by being as lit as possible.

Being Lit isn’t about what you do or who you know or where you’ve been or even where you’re going. It’s a state that transcends time and space; a perspective that chooses to take whatever the day hands us with gratitude while never compromising that spark that makes each of us unique and essential to the world around us.

When you immerse yourself in the Be Lit experience, it’s easy to reward yourself for being you. Treat yourself to one of our many scented candles or incense packs that offer aromas from the comforting to the exotic, graphic rolling trays that range from the psychedelic to the soothing or wrap yourself in our branded clothing line with everything from hoodies for when you want something snug and cozy to crop top tees perfect for meeting the day as your highest self.

Every day asks us to open up to the vastness of possibility. Be Lit believes the best way to do this is by recognizing your unique individuality and how the strength of your personality links to a community, making it bolder and more beautiful. Exist in your personal lit state and savor the senses of the human experience.