Dab Nation

Dab Nation is a one-stop shop for all cannabis-related smoking accessories and other cannabis lifestyle products. The catalog we have sourced includes Dab tools, Rigs, Bangers, Nails, Carb Caps, Torches, Bongs, Bubblers, Bowls, Vaporizers, Grinders, Containers, Scales, Cleaning Supplies, and Lifestyle Apparel. Our online storefront, located at www.DabNation.com, in conjunction with www.RosinTechProducts.com, allows ongoing cross-marketing between the two brands.

At our Solventless Experience, Dab Nation is our branded retail section. From apparel to smoking accessories, our Dab Nation area offers Cannabis Cup/event-goers a wide range of cannabis products and it gives us an opportunity to brand our online storefront in person.The tradeshows are also a place we capture brand content, a core aspect of our strategy with Dab Nation.